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VW Scirocco GT: Caught in the classifieds

VW Scirocco GT
If you are looking for some nice classic VW Scirocco, maybe a GT, now is the time.

The last-of-the-line manual GT has 75,000 miles on the clock and comes with a fresh MoT. It’s incredibly rare, but remember, the 1.8-litre model isn’t fast by modern standards, and the annual road tax bill comes to a hefty £185.

A group 14 rating also makes insurance expensive, although the £1,295 price means you should have some cash to spend on running costs. Its rarity – plus the reappearance of the Scirocco badge on a new VW product – means its value is unlikely to drop any further. So, this is a good potential investment for the future.

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Source: Auto Express