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VW Scirocco: In detail!

VW Scirocco
Here’s all you need to know about the brand new VW Scirocco.

Key Aspects

* Scirocco is the sports car for every day of the year
* Design with wagon-coupé roof offers surprising amount of interior space
* All-round characteristics of the Scirocco enable multivariable use
* Scirocco is the first sports car with transverse mounted 7-speed DSG

The designers of the third generation of the Scirocco unmistakably designed it to be a pure sports car. Different than the original Scirocco of the 1970s, and the second generation introduced in the 1980s, the new car offers substantially greater interior space. That is because – in contrast to its two predecessors – the Scirocco of the year 2008 does not have a sloping hatchback, but a wagon back with matching long roof and steep tailgate. This offers two distinct advantages. First: the Scirocco exhibits very crisp proportions. Especially when viewed from the rear, it immediately becomes apparent that the 1.80 meter long roof with its lateral arrays of windows stands on very wide and powerful shoulder sections. So the Scirocco gets a waist that is flawlessly cut right from sports car principles. Second: The new model also has space in the rear for two adults plus sufficient luggage. All things considered, the progressively styled Scirocco combines a high level of everyday utility with a classy design.

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Source: Oneighturbo