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VW Sharan BlueMotion: Geneva preview

VW Sharan BlueMotion
We found a nice preview of the VW Sharan BlueMotion which will be unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show.

After introducing BlueMotion variants of the Passat, Polo and Golf within the past year, Volkswagen is extending the low-CO2 badging to its largest model yet, the Sharan minivan. The BlueMotion models are specifically tuned for low fuel consumption and minimal CO2 emissions. In the case of the Sharan, the BlueMotion update means CO2 emissions of 159g/km compared to the 177g/km from the regular model. Average fuel consumption of the new van is 38mpg (U.S.) which is quite impressive for a seven-passenger vehicle of this size. The Sharan is propelled by a 140hp 2.0L TDI engine with a particulate filter downstream.

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Source: Autoblog Green