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VW: US factory shall use 80% local parts

Jochem Heizmann
Although this recent interview with Jochem Heizmann, head of production, in Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport is not an official confirmation of a US plant, you can read it as such, because he is revealing many details which expresses the advanced state of their search for a location.

He said that the localisation grade shall be at least 80% which means that 80% of all parts shall come from the dollar area, but the factory will not be build in Mexico.
They are looking for a hurricane safe place close to an airport. Another important aspect is the lack of a competitor close to the new location.

Production shall start in 2 years with around 100.000 to 150.000 produced cars at the beginning, later on it will be at least 250.000.

A main role in the new factory will be played by the new middle-sized car which will be exclusively being built for the US.

Interesting read!

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Source: Auto Motor und Sport