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Audi A4 Avant: First drive report

Audi A4 Avant
We found another interesting first drive report of the new Audi A4 Avant.

Audi’s new A4 Avant arrives in UK showrooms next month, and it has the BMW 3-Series Touring and Mercedes C-Class Estate firmly in its sights.

The German trio will slug it out for sales among those drivers who want more practicality from their premium machines. And there’s no denying the Audi is a strong package.

On top of this, Audi claims the latest A4 offers the most generous passenger compartment in the compact executive market, with plenty of head and legroom for occupants sitting in the back. Then there is that sharp styling, which comprises bold feature lines along the flanks, as well as dramatic LED headlamps.

The smart lines do little to disguise the sheer size of the new model – at first glance, the Avant is large enough to fool you into thinking you’re looking at the company’s A6 estate.

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Source: Auto Express