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Audi A4 Avant: First steering report

Audi A4 Avant
We found another first drive report of the Audi A4 Avant. Interesting read!

Inside, the lavishness of larger Audis carries over into the new A4. Center-console controls for the navigation and audio system, for example, have filtered down from the A8 to cars that we proles can afford. An expansive two-paneled glass sunroof with a sliding fore panel and a power closing rear gate are optional. Aluminum-tracked trunk storage accessories carry over from the latest A6, while the optional Bang & Olufsen audio system uses much of the same components seen and heard in the S5. Useful features such as an optional high-voltage socket and a reversible luggage compartment floor with a recessed, easy-to-clean plastic surface on one side offer added functionality.

Part of the first generation of A4s to employ Audi’s modular longitudinal platform (MLP), the Avant grows significantly in size compared with its forbears. It’s both longer (by 4.6 inches) and wider (by 2.1 inches) than the outgoing A4, but it’s also lower (by 0.7 inches) and lighter, which helps to make it more fuel-efficient. The A4 is also larger than key competitors like the BMW 3-series.

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Source: Motive Magazine