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Audi R4: Definitely not coming, sorry!

Audi R4
Rumors about an Audi R4 are returing every few months, and again Audi put an end to this discussion.

For almost a year, we’ve been hearing rumors from a variety of sources that Audi planned to build a mid-engine sports car that would utilize the Porsche Boxster’s underpinnings after the Stuttgart crew takes a majority stake in Audi’s parent company, Volkswagen. By most accounts, including a leaked product outline, the so-called Audi R4 was on its way to production by 2010. But according to Automotive News, the plans have been dashed due to Porsche executives who worry that the R4 could steal sales away from their beloved Boxster.

AN quotes an Audi spokesperson as saying that, “It was never in our product planning.”

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Source: Autoblog