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Audi R8: Great factory visit report

Audi R8
The guys from Autoblog had the chance to visit the Audi R8 manufactory, something we have done some months ago as well. Have a look at their impressions!

Quattro GmbH is Audi’s in-house tuning group, roughly equivalent to AMG at Mercedes-Benz and the M-Division at BMW. That means all S and RS models are developed here and the RS4 and RS6 are built here in addition to the R8. The R8 is built in a dedicated building by a team of 240 specially selected assemblers working on two shifts. Right now, the R8 team is turning out about 27 to 28 cars per day, but Audi’s manufacturing engineers are refining the process to try up that to 30 cars per day.

Audi R8

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Source: Autoblog