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Audi RS4: Screaming cool!

Audi RS4
Nice review here of the screaming cool Audi RS4.

It was hard to imagine the diminutive Audi RS4 I was approaching had 20 more horsepower than the original Dodge Viper I tested for Chrysler back in the mid 1990s, but it was true.

More than a mere sports car, the RS4 is Audi’s answer to the question only the rich should ask: How much power can you get out of an A4 sedan?

In this case, 420 horsepower is the answer, and it doesn’t come cheap.

As I walked toward the “Phantom Black Pearl”-colored sedan, I was immediately struck by how this awesome vehicle might be overlooked by the novice autophile.

Yes, I did get some heads turning during my test week, but only a few noticed this wolf in sheep’s clothing. The RS4 sports bulging fender flares with RS badging, rear-deck spoiler, 19-inch titanium alloy wheels and side mirrors, black-out windows and front and rear grilles – and the topper, super-cool titanium-color dual oval exhaust outlets.

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Source: The Californian, picture by Audi