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Audi S4, Audi A6: First details of new supercharged 3.0T engine emerge

Audi S4
German Auto Motor und Sport has the latest news that Audi will feature a supercharged 3.0T engine in the new Audi S4, upcoming Audi A6 and most probably Audi Q5 and Audi Q7 as well. A must read!

As expected at the Vienna Motor Symposium, Audi announced plans to introduce a new supercharged V6 engine. It is intended first for the refreshed A6 and also for the next-generation S4.

The previous S4 made us of a powerful 344-hp normally aspirated 4.2 V8. This new engine will be used in Europe and North America and will be good for 350 hp in the S4.

Despite similar levels of power to the old V8, the new V6 consumes significantly less fuel. It will be combined with a sports differential from Magna, which will also later be used in Q5 and S5 models.

The new Audi S4 is expected shortly after the A6 this autumn. For the A6, the new supercharged V6 engine will be implemented at the same time as a new facelift and will produce 290 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque in the A6 application.

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Source: Motive Mag