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Audi S5: Lusty looks

Audi S5
We found a very nice review of the Audi S5. Make sure to read!

2-4-6-8. That’s the Audi S5 in a nutshell: two doors, four driven wheels, 6 manually-shifted gears and a wicked V8 under the hood. As Audi coupes go, there’s the smaller and less powerful TT and the twice as expensive R8- but if it’s serious velocity and relative value and practicality you’re after, the S5 is positioned perfectly.

The body is swooping and elegant on a higher level than most of its siblings- and it gracefully struts for attention everywhere it winds up. It’s all sexy and lean and scandalous and muscular- like the sheet-metal equivalent of Anna Kournikova in a tight dress.

LED-string headlights are S5’s most distinctive feature, generating a cybernetic scowl that clears out the fast lane more quickly than you can reach for your license and registration. With a set of killer 19″ wheels mounted over “S5” badged brake calipers, it turns heads as quickly as it plants them to the seats.

S5’s rear terminates in a tapered off backside with quad-tipped exhausts that make an unmistakable statement, and the entire GT car silhouette is topped with a tilting glass roof. Few German cars pack this much visual firepower.

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Source: Auto123