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Audi TTS: Official car of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

Audi TTS
Awesome news here, the Audi TTS is the official car of the 2008 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race!

• The only road car to share the TT name gets official course duty
• Stunning Audi TTS Chosen As Official Car for 2008 Tourist Trophy (TT) Motorcycle Event
• John Reynolds supports TT organisers’ decision to select Audi’s sportscar as Official Car

Former triple British Super Bike Champion John Reynolds has backed the organisers of the Isle of Man TT races who have chosen the latest and most powerful model in the iconic Audi TT range to perform as the “Official Car” at this year’s world-famous event.

The new 272PS Audi TTS is the most extreme production TT to date and Reynolds believes it will make a fittingly dynamic debut in Britain at the famous Tourist Trophy motorcycle races which run from 24 May – 6 June.

Reynolds has not only contested the TT races but also has years of experience in driving the Audi TT coupe. The Nottinghamshire bike ace will be back spectating on the Isle of Man this year and says the organisers have made an excellent decision.

“Having driven an Audi TT for many years on the road and indeed on many race tracks around the world, I believe the TT race organisers have made an ideal choice,” confirms Reynolds. “It will be totally suited for that job on those roads – it’s fast and handles well. I completed many happy miles in my TT – I loved it to bits. It had the looks and the speed and road holding – a great all round performer.”

Audi paid homage to the legendary Tourist Trophy motorsport event of the same name in naming its “TT” sportscar – an event in which machines from one of its founding companies competed with considerable success – and which saw the spectacular Tourist Trophy car race initially staged on the Isle of Man in 1905.

Peter Duffy, Audi UK’s Head of Marketing, commented: “Having been supporters of the British Super Bike championship in recent years, we’re now delighted to be associated with the Isle of Man TT races and to be able to play an active part in this world famous event.

“The Isle of Man held the very first Tourist Trophy event in Britain in 1905 and became an integral part of Audi’s heritage in its days with NSU. We look forward to writing the next chapter in our company’s history with the public showing of the new Audi TTS on the island.”

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Source: Fourtitude