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Lamborghini LM002: World’s best copy for sale

Lamborghini LM002
We found a very nice looking Lamborghini LM002 up for sale. Have a look!

This 1992 model is thought to be the last ever customer-registered Lamborghini LM002 to roll of the production line and has the chassis number 300 of 301.

It’s believed just five or six Lamborghini LM002s are in the UK, but none are as special as this model, which has covered just 27,000 miles.

Lamborghini Club UK’s David Price told Auto Trader: “I know this LM002 very well and it’s stunning. Having seen the display model at Lamborghini’s museum, I can say this one is the best of its type in the world.

“In 2006 at Auto Italia’s Stanford Hall meeting, myself and another LCUK committee member were asked to pick the best Lamborghini attending and award it a trophy.

“This particular LM002 was there and we were in fear/awe of it, so it won.”

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Source: Auto Trader