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Volkswagen: Piech is looking for a motorcycle company

Ferdinand Piech
It seems like Dr. Ferdinand Piech is still looking to buy a motorcycle company.

Volkswagen Chairman Ferdinand Piech would like Europe’s largest car company to complement its stable of brands by acquiring a motorbike maker, he told German magazine Stern.

“I would still like a small, valuable motorcycle manufacturer,” he said in an interview held jointly with his cousin, Wolfgang Porsche, who chairs the Porsche supervisory board.

Piech said he still regretted missing out on Italy’s Ducati when it was in trouble in 1985 and a buyer could have snapped it up for peanuts.

“I myself drive a Ducati. 180 horses and more power per kilogram weight than a 1,001-hp Bugatti,” said the Austrian, who will turn 71 on Thursday.

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Source: Reuters, picture by Autoblog