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Volkswagen: US factory location narrowed down to Alabama, Michigan, and Tennessee

Stefan Jacoby
If Volkswagen will build a factory in the US, it will be placed somewhere in Alabama, Michigan or Tennessee. These choices have been narrowed down so far.

VW group of America president Stefan Jacoby (pictured) said on Wednesday that the list of potential locations had been narrowed to Alabama, Michigan, and Tennessee. “We reviewed many excellent sites and the process to narrow down the locations was not an easy one,” said Jacoby.

Jacoby went on to say that the company was evaluating things like site readiness, logistics, and of course cost, as it continues to mull over the U.S. facility. VW has said that the strengthening price of the euro is what’s ultimately driving its move, with the currency’s strength against the U.S. dollar making America a logical target for production.

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Source: Winding Road