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VW: China sales could top 1 million cars

VW Lavida
According to this source VW’s China sales is on the way to top 1 million sold cars.

German auto giant Volkswagen is well on the way to selling 1 million vehicles a year in China, as its first-quarter sales in that country rose 32.5 percent to 268,200 vehicles.

VW’s China tally included sales of 17 Lamborghinis and 125 Bentleys — yet another sign that demand for ultraluxury cars remains strong in the world’s second-largest auto market. The group also sold 30,188 Audis and 16,212 Skodas.

Winfried Vahland, president and chief executive officer of Volkswagen China, said, “I am convinced sales will further go up to 1 million this year, keeping us as the market leader.”

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Source: Inside Line