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VW Golf Cabriolet: First pictures, coming in 2009!

VW Golf Cabriolet
VW will bring a new VW Golf Cabriolet by 2009, open top lovers unite! Here are the first pictures how it might look like. Nice!

The lid has been lifted on VW’s next open champion – meet the new Golf Cabriolet! One of the best-loved cars in the history of the German brand returns to the line-up next year.

On sale in the UK at the same time as the rest of the Golf MkVI range, the Cabriolet will give sun-seekers a cut-price alternative to Audi’s new drop-top A3. It will also compete with more mainstream models such as the Ford Focus CC and Peugeot 308 CC.

As you can see, the VW bucks the current trend for folding metal roofs and instead has a traditional fabric top – as with every previous generation. Its state-of-the-art hood is shared with the A3 Cabriolet, and will provide the Golf with a classy look.

It has a multi-layer construction for impressive refinement at high speeds, and as with the Audi, the mechanism will be fully automatic – owners simply press a button on the dashboard or the key fob to operate it.

The roof can be lowered or raised with the car moving at up to 20mph – a process that takes less than 10 seconds – and once down, it sits flush with the bodywork behind the rear seats.

VW Golf Cabriolet

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Source: Auto Express