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VW Passat CC: First drive report

VW Passat CC
We found a “first drive” report with the VW Passat CC. Enjoy!

The 2009 Volkswagen CC is the most visually arresting VW sedan ever, and once it arrives in the U.S. next fall, it might once again give the people’s car company the same luster in America that the brand once had.

Introduced at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, the CC is anything but a coupe, though that’s what Volkswagen calls it. Nevertheless, as a car with four doors and a trunk out back, the 2009 VW CC is clearly a sedan, albeit a very slinky-looking one. Yet the CC speaks to VW’s mission to transform the mundane image of a sedan into something more personal and sporting.

The 2009 Volkswagen CC is based around Volkswagen’s existing Passat, sharing its platform, drivelines and much more besides. Not that you’d ever know it. See it in profile and the new CC appears low, sleek and, dare we say, fast. Anything but a Passat sedan, in fact!

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Source: Inside Line