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VW The Thing: Driving report

VW The Thing
Do you remember The Thing from VW? If so, you should definitely read this driving report. If not, even more reasons to check out what you have missed so far.

The brakes, clutch, engine and steering on the car were redone. Clark says replacement parts are easy to find as everything is right out of the VW parts bin. Coolant for the engine, he jokes, is readily available. “I keep replacing the air, because it’s air-cooled.”

Clark insists he is not part of the car culture, but the Thing has taken him to places he might not have found himself otherwise. Off-roading, for example, “everybody goes out with their 4wd trucks and we’re there with our 2wd car. It’s great fun.”

“We drive it probably a couple of times a week,” Clark says. “People smile and wave. The car is the centre of attention. On the one hand, we want to be low-profile, but on the other hand — what the hell, live large.”

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Source: Canada.com