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VW Tiguan: Miracle engine

VW Tiguan
Here’s a nice review of the VW Tiguan, its miracle engine and other secrets. Interesting read!

“There ain’t nuthin’ that beats cubes!” Right? Wrong – and the 1.4-litre (well, only 1390cc, actually, dearie) VW Tiguan TSI just launched in South Africa proves it. It’s a revolution in auto technology as radical as the original BMW M3 and anti-lock brakes.

Here’s the basics: The engine in the Tiguan 1.4 TSI is capable of 110kW and 240Nm of torque thanks to its plumbing linking the benefits of supercharging and turbocharging without any of their problems. Amazingly, this is just the baby – there’s a racing version that puts out 174kW!

It’s the world’s first petrol engine with direct injection and dual charging.

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Source: Motoring