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VW up!: Up and running, here are the details!

VW up!
AutoExpress claims to have the details how the VW up! will look like when it hits the road in 2010.

Thanks to our sources within the company, Auto Express can give you the best look yet at the striking city runabout. It’s scheduled to make its debut in UK showrooms in 2010, and will compete with an emerging army of chic, eco-friendly small cars such as the Fiat 500 and all-new Toyota iQ.

As you can see from our images – produced using exclusive insider information – the final showroom version will maintain all the cheekiness and stand-out style of the concept. And that’s no surprise; bosses at VW have always made it clear that the production up! would look virtually identical to the model seen on the stands at Frankfurt.

VW up!

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Source: Auto Express