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VW: World premiere of new Park Assist Vision

VW Park Assist Vision
VW has premiered a new parking assist called Park Assist Vision which can also park into a perpendicular parking space.

There is something decidedly fantastical about this scene: We observe the approach of a Passat estate, it stops, the driver gets out, slams the door shut and, as he walks away from the car, he aims a remote control back at it. That car now proceeds to reverse park itself into the available space, it then independently cuts the engine and activates the door locks. End of performance. In reality, there is nothing at all fantastical about this demonstration. The live performance by Volkswagen can be viewed at this year’s Hanover Fair (21 to 25 April), where the carmaker is premiering its “Park Assist Vision”, a system with the ability to guide a Passat prototype with absolute precision into a perpendicular parking space, i.e. the kind available on parking lots and in underground car parks. These parking spaces are often too narrow to allow drivers and passengers to get in and out of the car comfortably. In the not too distant future, “Park Assist Vision” will put an end to that.

Having already launched a semi-automatic park-steering system, the “Park Assist”, in its Touran, Tiguan, Passat and Passat estate to help drivers parallel park, Volkswagen is now presenting a concept system at the Hanover Fair which is capable of perpendicular parking – and of doing so fully automatically. The only thing the driver needs to do is select an available space on the monitor of the navigation system, set the selection lever of the automatic-drive vehicle (DSG) to “P” and alight from the car. The driver can, of course, choose to stay in the vehicle until the vehicle has been manoeuvred into its space.

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Source: The Auto Channel