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Audi: 50% of ordered cars are custom-made in India

We found this surprising number that 50% of all ordered Audi in India are custom-made.

Atul Aggarwal, managing director of Audi showroom in Chandigarh, says 50 per cent of the cars sold by them so far in Punjab are custom-made for their clients. “Since we started our operations in the region, we have received orders for 60 cars, mainly from Chandigarh and Ludhiana. While we have already delivered 30 cars, the remaining cars are being readied with customised fittings to suit the clients,” he says.

It may be noted that the cheapest version of Audi is priced at Rs 26 lakh (A 4 model), while the most expensive variant of the company, A 8, is priced at Rs 1.5 crore. However, the customers do not mind spending a couple of additional lakhs to get a more custom-made vehicle. “It could be soft leather upholstery, change in interiors, a panaromic sunroof or a contrast trim. Majority of customers want to change the music system and alloy wheels,” says Aggarwal, without disclosing the cost of getting these customised facilities in the car.

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Source: Tribune India