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Audi A4 V8 DTM: Racing demon

Audi A4 V8 DTM
We found a very interesting closer look at the new Audi A4 V8 DTM racecar. Awesome machine!

The roof panel and the pillars are from the road car, but the rest is from somewhere very exclusive. If it is possible to make a part from carbon fibre, that’s what they’ve done.

Technically, the race car bears no relation to the road car its upper regions resemble. The driver sits roughly where the rear seats would be, cocooned in a massively strong carbon-fibre bathtub and so low down that his (or her) helmet is barely visible above the window line. The tub also houses the 70-litre fuel tank that sits on the passenger side, all of it bolted to a complex lattice of steel tubes extending both fore and aft to mount the suspension, transmission and engine, which is in the front. A specially built four-litre V8 lies under the windscreen and drives a single-seater type gearbox which is mounted between the rear wheels, via a long propeller shaft.

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Source: Telegraph