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Audi A6: Next-generation to feature new lightweight construction inspired by Audi TT

Audi A6
The next-generation Audi A6 is said to feature some new lightweight construction inspired by its smaller sibling, the Audi TT.

The new Audi A6: high tech

If we worry – prematurely – that the looks could end up being an enlarged photocopy of the Audi A4, there are no such concerns under the bonnet. This new A6 will be a significant new model: it’s the first mainstream Audi saloon to usher in a new construction method.

So far Audi has offered aluminium construction on its lower volume cars, such as the R8, TT and A8, but the A6 will also get a multi-material spaceframe to snip away excess flab – and improve handling, economy and emissions in the process.

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Source: Car Magazine