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Audi RS6 Sedan: Spy shot time!

Audi RS6 Sedan
We found some spy shots of the Audi RS6 sedan which will feature a very interesting looking back! Check it out.

The undisguised spy shots of the sedan we caught back in February suggested the car was just about ready, but another set of spy shots now surfacing – a month and a half later – show that Audi may have gone back to the drawing board.

The new candids show a beefed-up A6 – complete with aggressive front end, bulging fenders, side skirts and jumbo wheels, suggesting the RS6 despite the lack of badging – but with a little surprise around back: a rear end styled like that of the newer, smaller A4 sedan and A5 coupe. The shots suggest that Audi is preparing a little butt-lift for the entire A6 range to fall in line with its new posterior styling direction, but is using the RS6 to showcase it first.

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Source: Autoblog