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Audi S5: Supercharged mod by MTM

Audi S5
Our favorite Audi tuner MTM has put the Audi S5 under pressure by installing a supercharger. Nice result, love the wheels!

• 505 hp and 546 Nm torque
• Top speed: 300 km/h, 0-100 in 4.3 secs
• 4-pipe stainless steel sport exhaust system
• Bigger brake system for maximum deceleration
• Coilover suspension, amended axle geometry

Motoren Technik Mayer from Wettstetten, Germany, puts the Audi S5 under pressure. As “MTM GT Supercharged” the sporty coupe’s supercharged engine demonstrates impressive performance data. Together with bigger brakes, a coilover suspension and other minor changes, the result is an overall package which can take on the race track.

Audi S5
Audi S5

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Source: Fourtitude