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Audi S6: Long-term test review

Audi S6
Here’s a nice long-term test drive review of the Audi S6, one of our favorite cars.

The Audi’s performance continues to thrill our staff and was even therapeutic for one editor during a one-week stint. “Probably the best part of the week was punching the power each morning, launching the S6 in sport mode (I vote we call it Superman mode) and heading into the drudgery of the commute. Drudgery goes away in a hurry with a V10 underfoot,” he wrote.

Winter tires teamed with all-wheel drive again proved their worth as snowstorms pounded the area. “These snow tires really work. This car is simply a monster in the wet, slushy stuff. It was amazing, really. I’ve driven it twice in snow, and the thing is a Polaris,” said a staffer.

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Source: AutoWeek