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Audi S8: Comparison against BMW Alpina B7

Audi S8
Interesting comparison here of the Audi S8 against the BMW Alpina B7. Enjoy!

Our sport-package S8 wears smaller 20-inch tires measuring 275/35R20 at all four corners, and its alloys are less in-your-face than the B7’s.

Further up from the pavement, the Audi follows the same rules of understatement. Only brushed mirror covers, a more prominent vertical-slat grille, and tiny V10 badges on the fenders differentiate our silver beast from its lesser stablemates. It fades into traffic as if it were nothing more than an oversized A4. But not even Paul Walker would call the B7 understated. Its integrated rear spoiler looks like something borrowed from the Batmobile and the front wears a similarly cartoonish lower valence. Paint those parts, along with the rest of the body, signature Alpina blue, and the result is as subtle as a Michael Bay movie.

Either cabin is a lovely place to spend an afternoon, but the S8’s is a contemporary masterpiece awash in carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, chocolate-dyed leather, and soft Alcantara. If Rolls-Royce or Bentley weren’t so stuck in tradition, their interiors would look like this. Small Bang & Olufsen tweeters that rise out of the dash when activated — part of a $6300 audio package — are the cherries atop this glamorous sundae.

The B7’s seats have both of those functions, but the rest of the cabin is worse than the Audi’s.

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Source: Motive Magazine