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Bentley Brooklands: Test drive report from Detroit

Bentley Brooklands
Nice driving report here of the Bentley Brooklands, taken for a spin on on Detroit’s Belle Isle.

The red-and-white curbs strobe by slowly as the soft leather steering wheel slips through my hands, its winged B logo twisting through 270 degrees. The car it’s controlling, a nearly $400,000 Bentley Brooklands coupe, is almost too long for this chicane. There’s too much grandiose British steel here, too much surging power underhood for this exercise. Besides, it’s hard enough coordinating turn-in points, braking zones, and trailing throttle without having to worry about dodging vagrants.

I have the Brooklands here on Detroit’s Belle Isle — a tiny sliver of land in the Detroit River, and home to the IndyCar/ALMS racing that commandeers its wide thoroughfares for a weekend each summer — for mostly semantic reasons. The Brooklands is named after an old, irrelevant racetrack. Belle Isle is a freshly paved-and-curbed, but still irrelevant, racetrack. The symmetry is inescapable.

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Source: Motive Magazine