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Bentley Brooklands: Test drive report from the Middle East

Bentley Brooklands
We have a feeling that the Middle East is the natural habitat for the Bentley Brooklands and these lucky test drivers seem to share our opinion.

The Bentley Emirates team hosted a terrific event where the team members interacted with the special invitees.

The exclusive Bentley event clientele also had the chance to meet Tim Hodgson – Owner Manager for Arnage, Azure and Brooklands from Bentley Crewe, England.

A veteran Bentley official for 31 years, Mr. Hodgson was present to advise and assist the clients.

The enthusiastic guests were thrilled by the test drive.

Adding to the excitement of the test drive, there was a static display of the engine and ceramic brakes of the legendary car that gave the visitors a deeper insight into the special edition Bentley.

Inspired by the exploits of the ‘Bentley Boys’ at the famous Brooklands racetrack in the 1920’s, the new Bentley Brooklands captures all the style, power and splendour of that era.

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Source: AMEInfo