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Bentley: Special series edition of Devil May Care book

James Bond Devil May Care
Bentley has released a special edition of the Devil May Care book, the latest story of James Bond.

As we first reported last September, MI6’s greatest secret agent also returns to his Bentley-driving roots in Devil May Care. The car is the same one he drives in Fleming’s Thunderball and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: a custom 2-seat Bentley R type Continental convertible with the 4½-liter engine from a Mk VI stuffed underhood. To celebrate Bond’s return to Bentley, Penguin Books asked the automaker to design a very limited Special Series Edition — just 300 copies will be made.

Devil May Care numbering plateUnder the supervision of chief designer Dirk Van Braeckel (the man responsible for the current Continental GT’s lines), Bentley has delivered a leather-bound, heirloom-quality piece. The ‘Flying B’ hood ornament is featured on the cover and spine, and the outer leather is stitched in the same diamond pattern you’ll find on the seating surfaces of a modern Bentley road car.

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Source: Autoblog