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Bugatti Veyron: TopGear shooting episode with 3 Veyron in the Emirates

Bugatti Veyron
The guys from TopGear are now going over the top with not one Bugatti Veyron as a loaner for movie shooting, but 3!

This weekend Top Gear, the UK-based car magazine, which is in the country for a photo shoot, sent out an urgent request for an unusual car, the million-dollar Bugatti Veyron.

It was hoping for one. Instead, it was offered three of the vehicles, which cost more than Dhs 4.4 million (USD $1.2m) each. “No other place in the world could we have found three Bugattis in a span of 48 hours,” said a relieved Charlie Turner, the creative director for the magazine.

The cars were tracked down by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and belong to local owners who wish to remain anonymous.

One car in the shoot, a gleaming aluminium-bodied model, is one of only five in the world.

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Source: Releaselog