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Lamborghini LM002: The Rambo Lambo

Lamborghini LM002
Despite the catchy headline this is a nice review of the Lamborghini LM002, Lamborghini’s only SUV.

No, the LM doesn’t breathe fire and shake the ground like a Panzer tank as I’d anticipated. It goes against everything I’ve ever known about V-12 Lamborghinis, producing more engine noise than exhaust noise. The cacophony, which evolves from a coarse low-end grunt to a high-pitched wail over 5000 rpm, is louder for passengers than for bystanders. But of course, this is a pseudo-military vehicle. Good luck conquering your neighbor’s villa when he can hear you ramming his front gate. “Ready my hunting rifle, Jeeves.”

This isn’t to say that the LM002 is a rational, practical purchase, but only that rare Italians like this benefit from myth and hyperbole. “I owned a Hummer H1 Alpha for two days,” Larry tells me while we pass the Woodstock Opera House, where Orson Welles got his start and outside of which Groundhog Day was filmed. “That thing was too big — I almost clipped a highway construction worker because it’s so wide. But I think I’d sell my Diablo before this.”

Lamborghini LM002

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Source: Motive Magazine