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Porsche 911 GT3: Spy video of the facelift

Porsche 911 GT3
We found a nice spy video of the upcoming facelift of the Porsche 911 GT3, just click on the picture above. Sit back and enjoy! In case you want to know more about the details of the Porsche 911 GT3, have a look at these leaked details.

Like the rest of the facelifted 911 range, the new GT3 RS will get the same LED daytime running lights and revised taillights seen on previous test-mules. The car will also sport a cleaner front end with larger intakes in the lower skirt and a new lip spoiler.

The GT3 RS will once again based on the Carrera 4 body and should feature the same widened track, carbon-fiber interior and plastic rear window as the current model. Power levels should receive a slight boost over the current 415hp (302kW) output courtesy of a new direct-injection system. Acceleration times may also be improved if Porsche adds its new Doppelkupplung dual-clutch system, although a conventional six-speed manual is likely to remain the only option.

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Source: Motor Authority