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VW: Entering the motorcycle market, GX3 might return!

VW Motorcycle
Breaking news here from VW: as reported back in April VW was eyeing to get into the motorcycle market and start challenging BMW. It’s now reported that VW will set up a company together with KTM and start producing motorcycles as well as possibly a 3-wheeler. The pictures shows how a first motorcycle might look like.

KTM’s first attempt at a road car, the track-biased X-Bow, was developed with help from VW’s engineers, and even makes use of the 2.0-litre turbo from the Audi TT. So tapping into KTM’s motorcycle know-how to build this bike is an ideal way to repay the favour!

The two-wheeler would pitch VW head-to-head with fellow German giant BMW, which is already established in the motorcycle industry.

But it’s not only the bike market that VW is looking to muscle in on: it sees potential in three wheels, too. Cast your mind back to the 2006 Los Angeles Motor Show, and you might recall the GX-3 concept. It now looks as though production of the firm’s wacky motorbike/car hybrid could be back on the agenda.

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Source: Auto Express