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VW Golf GTI: Performance study displayed at Woerthersee meeting

VW apprentices have created the VW Golf GTI performance study which is being displayed at the Woerthersee meeting. Have a look!

A black-and-copper checkered flag motif adorns the hatch, which is enhanced with a widebody kit, lowered suspension, and the expected wheel/tire upgrade. Out back, the GTI’s rear bumper cover is covered with more grillework than you’ll find on the rump of a Lamborghini Gallardo. A pair of giant exhaust outlet cutouts are also built into the corners. And speaking of Lamborghinis, VW has fitted the Golf GTI Performance with the dreaded “Lambo doors,” which look predictably ridiculous here. The exterior color scheme carries through to the passenger cabin, which gets a 2+1 sport seating arrangement and what appears to be a substantial audio system install.


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Source: Autoblog