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VW Robust: Artist’s impression of VW’s upcoming pickup truck

VW Robust
Despite the already known spy shots of the VW Robust, VW’s future pickup truck, we found an artist’s impression on how it might look like. Enjoy!

Almost a decade later, VW’s finally going for it, offering a competitor to the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, et al. Spy photographs indicate that the VeeDub will lose the chrome, Alcantara and all the rest of the upmarket bits that don’t look so hot when they’re splattered with mud. Black plastic fender flares, bumpers and mirror casings will provide the requisite heavy-duty attitude and affordable price (U.S. full-size pickups are as cheap as chips these days). It’s expected to be available as a single cab and double cab– and even in a full SUV version.

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Source: The truth about cars