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VW Scirocco: Solid and fast

VW Scirocco
Nice review here of the VW Scirocco.

Seeing the Scirocco for the first time in the open reveals secrets not apparent on an auto show stand, such as its terrific stance. With a glasshouse that tapers inward toward the rear, a muscular rear and a wide rear track helping its wheels to fill out the arches, the Scirocco looks primed for action. The styling is unique in the Volkswagen lineup, having no obvious visual ties with any existing model.

With the first lap as a passenger over, we are slotted behind the wheel and waved off for the first of 10 laps. It takes just a few corners of the old Nordschliefe circuit, running down through the tricky right-left-right combination at Hatzenbach and along to Hocheichen, to discover that the Scirocco is a sharper driving tool than the Golf GTI. The underpinnings may be similar, but the inherent nature of Volkswagen’s new coupe means it operates on a higher dynamic plane.

For starters, it is lower, with less mass placed up high. “This lowers the crucial center of gravity, so there is less tendency toward lean when you are pushing hard into corners, says Hackenberg.”

Through the fast right after the Flugplatz and then the long left hander at Schwedenkeuz, a corner that requires a good deal of nerve to take flat-out as the car goes all light, it remains wonderfully controlled.

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Source: Autoweek