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VW Touareg: Trophy truck comes with V12 TDI

VW Touareg
The VW Touareg trophy truck will feature the V12 TDI known from the Audi Q7. Nice steal!

Arciero-Miller Racing announced at last year’s SEMA show that it was building a new Touareg to compete in the SCORE Trophy Truck Open Production – Unlimited Class. During the inaugural Jetta TDI Cup race last weekend, VW of America PR boss Steve Keyes revealed that the new truck would be powered by the 6.0L V12 TDI diesel that is going into the Audi Q7 TDI V12. That’s also the same engine that propels the Audi R8 TDI concept. The tube frame Touareg Trophy Truck will be covered with body work developed by VW that looks vaguely like a Touareg while being a foot longer.

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Source: Autoblog