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Audi A1 Cabriolet: Out in the open

Audi A1 Cabriolet
We found the some nice artist’s impressions how the Audi A1 Cabriolet might look like when it will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009. Nice!

The roof mechanism is more sophisticated than that of the MINI. It’s a powered hood which folds down electrically and is swallowed into the boot, rather than sitting on top of the car behind the rear bulkhead.

Audi bosses have put form over function with the two-seater, although as there is no rear bench the car should offer enough load space to take the weekly shopping.

This approach means it’s vital that the drop-top looks the part – and as you can see, it doesn’t disappoint. It gets a strong family shape, throwing in few surprises but oozing class thanks to clean lines and the trademark Audi grille. A sharp crease which runs from the shoulder line and around the rim of the bonnet emphasises the shape of the nose, while the flared wheelarches are reminiscent of the firm’s TT Cabriolet.

At the rear, twin integrated exhaust pipes straddle a trapezoidal bumper insert, and a strong line splits the tailgate above the lights.

Audi A1 Cabriolet

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Source: Auto Express