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Audi A3: Better than ever

Audi A3
Nice review here of the 2008 Audi A3 which is better than ever.

So the designers and engineers have been busy. The boys and girls in the turtlenecks have subtly modified the car’s exterior: they’ve added a new bonnet with more lines in an attempt to sharpen up the area around the front grille; incorporated pedestrian safety elements to a new front bumper; designed a new tailgate and bumper at the rear; and redesigned the headlights and tail-lights, with LED strips available as an option.

They haven’t left the inside alone, either: there’s chrome trim on the air vents and the steering wheel; new control switches and trims; and new white-on-black letters and numbers with red needles on the dials.

Under the bonnet, the seven-engine line-up has been overhauled, with each unit being improved in terms of power and efficiency. The transmission line-up also gets boosted by the addition of a seven-speed dual-clutch S tronic ‘box on some models.

Elsewhere, the A3 now comes with the option of the magnetic ride-adaptive damping previously used on the TT and R8 and, where fitted, the quattro four-wheel-drive system has been refined to respond faster in a bid to keep the car stable.

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Source: Channel 4