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Audi R8: A motoring masterpiece

Audi R8
Nice road test here of the Audi R8. Make sure to read, great photos as well.

The moment I fixed my gaze on the new Audi R8 I was gripped by pure unadulterated all-consuming want. Predatory in its design this super car is poised at the ready to leap into action and I was all too eager to issue the command. Standing a mere 1.25 metres above the road surface with a width of 1.90 metres the Audi manages to produce handling that is both balanced and sporty with particular attention being paid to achieving low lift at the front and rear axles.

An absolutely superb car with which I would be hard-pressed to find fault, except that is for the slotted gear changing which I found quite tedious. The hugely desirable Audi R8 is nothing short of a motoring masterpiece.

Audi R8

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Source: Autoworld