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Audi R8: A year later, still just as sexy in the city

Audi R8
Nice review here of the Audi R8 celebrating its 1st anniversary in Canada.

I had one big question when it came to retesting Audi’s 2008 R8. What impact would it have upon the general populace now that it’s almost a year since it burst on to the scene?

I still remember the disturbance I caused in hyper-trendy Yorkville when I trundled along Cumberland Avenue in what was Toronto’s first R8. The response from passersby was nothing short of seeing Angelina Jolie delivering her now-mythical twins right there on one of Sassafraz’s outdoor tables.

Photographers took pictures of the people taking pictures of the R8. Perhaps the best indicator of the R8’s munificence was that one lucky guy got a date with a very attractive young woman just for knowing details about the R8. Talk about pulling power.

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Source: Canada.com