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Audi RS4: In the Autoblog garage

Audi RS4
The lucky guys from Autoblog had an Audi RS4 in their garage. Read their report! Nice pictures as well.

My buddy Chris was beaming as his body pressed into the two-tone Recaro on the passenger side. “This thing is completely unbelievable,” he said, his voice a blend of awe and disbelief. Around us, the scenery flicked by as the crisp Sunday morning air was sucked in through the open windows. The radio was on, but the volume was turned all the way down. At the moment, the only soundtrack in which we were interested was the guttural roar coming from the big oval pipes poking through the rear valance. “Chris,” I replied, snicking the shifter into third, “This thing is ridiculous.” The “thing” in question is the 2008 Audi RS4, and neither of us were exaggerating.

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Source: Autoblog