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Audi TTS: First driving report

Audi TTS
We found a driving report of the new Audi TTS. Great car!

This new TT goes up against Boxsters and lower-end Caymans. It’s more accelerative than either, thanks to its punchy 265-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbo engine, a development of the direct-injection entry-level 200-horse TT unit. The 0-to-62 dash takes just 5.2 seconds, helped by the brilliant fast-changing S-tronic paddle-shift gearbox, formerly known as DSG. It’s quicker than the Euro-standard six-speed conventional manual (not offered in the U.S.) and delivers better gas mileage, too.

That highly efficient four-cylinder engine has been completely redesigned for the TTS. Capacity (1984 cc) is the same, but we find a reinforced block, a new head (in aluminum-silicon alloy), strengthened innards, a big-vane Garrett variable turbocharger, and the requisite remapping. It’s a sweet-revving, light, and willing engine that provides real kick when accelerating down twisting roads(as we experienced on test in Germany) and yet can surf along on a wave of torque on the freeway, big power just a toe-flick away. Maximum torque is constant from 2500 to 5000 rpm.

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Source: Motor Trend