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Bentley Arnage: Taking shape for 2010

Bentley Arnage
2010 will see the launch of the new Bentley Arnage which is starting to take shape now.

Bentley has “reached the solution” in its search for a new Arnage. Its long-lived and largest saloon, which currently sells 600 to 800 units a year, will be replaced with an all-new design due in about two years’ time.

The new 2010 model won’t just be a modified version of the Continental Flying Spur, official sources have confirmed. The Arnage and all future Bentleys will use a version of Audi’s spaceframe chassis, Autocar has learnt from an Audi source in Germany.

Despite the radical engineering, which should remove around 150kg from the weight of the bodyshell alone, Bentley chairman Franz-Josef Paefgen emphasised that the new Arnage will continue to have the unique proportions of the current model, particularly the traditional high roof and seating position, that give the car its “soul”.

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Source: Autocar