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Bentley Brooklands: Road test report

Bentley Brooklands
Nice road test report here with the Bentley Brooklands.

While the Brooklands is rapid, it is not rippingly so for a car with more than 500bhp, being hobbled by its weight. You need to engage Sport, or shift gears yourself via the finely machined gear lever knob, to get the turbochargers spinning. That, however, is when you’ll discover that this huge car can get down the road with thrillingly inappropriate speed. The thunder to 60mph takes just 5.4sec.

Ride and handling is where the Brooklands excels, and never mind its 2.7 tonnes. Slight straight-ahead slack in the steering and the car’s slightly cumbersome nature around town might suggest otherwise, but once you have some lock on and the tyres loaded, this car delivers feel, and plenty of it.

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Source: Autocar