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KTM X-Bow: Clinically insane

Great review here of the KTM X-Bow done by TopGear. Nice read!

First revealed at last year’s Geneva motor show, KTM has finally allowed us to see the X-Bow race. By God it was worth the wait.

The fascination is easy to understand. The X-Bow is a stripped-back, essentials-only sports car for the driving purist – the exact approach you’d expect a motorbike manufacturer to take with a four-wheeled project. A stroll around the ‘pre-production’ road car reveals a top-notch carbon-fibre tub, race-spec triangular wishbone inboard suspension and huge Brembo cross-drilled brakes. Prototype, my arse.

And so here we go again. More meticulous scheduling and press-baiting when, for now, all eyes are on next month, when we finally get a go in the first of the KTM road cars. You’ve made your point, chaps, we’re hooked. Just give us the keys…

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Source: TopGear