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Porsche 911: Reviewed

Porsche 911
Nobody needs to read a review of the Porsche 911 to read that it’s a great car, but it certainly also doesn’t hurt.

Standing outside the car when it’s running at idle, the new direct injection motor makes itself heard. With the higher pressure injection there’s a distinct diesel-like rattle to the engine note, albeit muted. Inside the car, however, there’s no a noticeable change, the flat-six bellow and top-end snarl remaining present and correct.

As for the drive, the 911 is still one of the finest driving vehicles on the road, whether it is its uncanny ability to use every single bhp at its disposal (even in the damp), its precise steering, or the balance its rear-engine layout just shouldn’t possess. Push on over bumpy, undulating roads and the Porsche feels more composed than the old car, possessing incredible body control, while turn-in has also been improved.

The Porsche remains very much at the top of its game.

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Source: 4 Car